Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Fabfix Washroom Cleaning Service in Kolkata. We have Well Equipped and Trained Team, who completes Washroom Cleaning and Sanitization with Non-Hazardous Eco -Friendly , Non- Acidic  Chemicals. Fabfix offers Deep Cleaning service at most affordable price.

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  • Entire Cleaning & Sanitizing of Floor, Tiles, Windows, WC Seat and Washbasin.
  • Entire Cleaning of bathroom fittings.
  • Cobweb removal and general cleaning of walls and ceilings(Upto reachable place.
  • Entire cleaning of doors, windows and exhaust fan.


  • Cleaning Time: 1 Hours Upto 6 Hours (Depends on no. of bathrooms)
  • Cleaning Professional: 1 to 4 (Depends on no. of bathrooms)
  • Cleaning Agents: Hygienic & Sanitized Cleaning  by Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions.(Ex: Diversy/Satol/3M)


  • Old and stubborn stains will be attended to the best of our ability. However we can’t guarantee 100% stain removal as certain stains if treated further can damage the surface. Our experts use specialized chemical for spot treatment